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Or tell your wife you always wanted one .../ I married a good woman ...!..

Here's a photo of mine, I purchased last spring - for my 62nd birthday present to myself.../ in .357 mag, 4 3/4" octagonal barrel, full action job with trigger set at 3.75 lbs .....its been a spectacular gun ....and I appreciate it every time I take it to the range.

I may order another one in .475 Linebaugh...just because !! ( probably a 6 or 7 "...) but haven't made up my mind yet ...
I didn't buy guns like this when I was still raising kids...or had a lot of bills to pay ...but since I'm semi-retired..../ I felt like it was a suitable reward....and I bought her a new Lexus convertible for her birthday ...( my grandpa taught me to be smart ..)...
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