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The "tools" do have a lot to do with success at longer ranges.
Not discounting trigger time and shooter skills by any means, but....

If a "new" shooter fully intends to shoot long range- and has the pocketbook to purchase the stick and optic, and a reloading setup to make it happen, more power to him. While most any stock factory rifle will hold minute of angle these days, equipment that's capable of half-minute or less is a big advantage at half a mile...

Buy once, cry once.

No reason to start with a .22 if you know you're gonna end up with a long-range rifle.

I know many will disagree, but my experience says otherwise. My younger son at 14 started with a .308 as his first rifle, and within 6 months was consistently hitting 10" steel at 600 yards with a bone stock Savage.

Not all shooters develop flinch when starting with a more powerful caliber.
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