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Maybe I should have mentioned these earlier:

1. The BT-99 was my Dad's, he died about 25 years ago.

2. The BT-99's SN. is 0027XX.

3. I sent the barrel off a couple of times to have the barrel upgrade for invector &
later for Inv+ choke tubes, but each time the barrel was returned without the
work being done. The enclosed note said the muzzle walls were just too thin.

4. My standard load is:
Federal hulls
CB2100-12 wads with 50 lbs of presser
Win 209 primers
16 1/2 grs (Mec #27)of IMR700X
1 oz. #8 (hard, or extra hard)

I settled on this load after shooting about 2 dozen different loads on a pattern

I've shot with this load (from the 16 yd line), 862 straight, and then went another 600 before another miss.

A few years ago, I remember reading about a company making wads that were able to spread/open up the pattern by a full step, but I have had no luck finding them, or the article. I was hoping to find some kind of wad that would tighten/closeup the pattern.

Sorry, I guess I should mentioned this earlier.


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