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Not A Bill of Needs - A Bill of RIGHTS

The problem with this discussion herein is the issue is that we have a Bill of Rights - NOT a Bill of Needs.

Our founders gave us specific enumerated rights – there is no provision in the constitution to allow government to limit your rights to what they think you need.

The fatal flaw of conservatives is the first compromise only sets the door for future erosion of our rights. The once a fundamental right (such as the 2A) is allowed to be limited in any way… the liberals use the tact that the right can be limited for more limits and we agree to allow it to happen.

We now see the code words – “Reasonable Limits” “Common sense controls” they only mean one thing you no longer have a right – it has been taken from you.

Stop negotiating with these liberal terrorists – they have a bigger end game … the next stop on this train is – that an assault weapon ban is not enough to insure everyone’s safety.
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