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I don't know what the difference is between those who get stuck cases & those that don't but I've used the aerosol spray for a while now with zero problems!

In case it help here's what I do. Maybe you can find something in my technique that differs from yours & might help? I use the same technique with .303 Brit & MilSurp .308, so I don't think caliber has a lot to do with it. 303 is a very light round to resize & MilSurp .308 is a lot more stubborn.

This is in sequence, I don't know how vital (if at all) that is.
Cases are tumbled in walnut media & wiped off with a paper towel.
I lay them down flat on a metal cookie sheet, not upright in a case tray.
Shake the can for a couple of minutes after you hear the marble start rattling.
Make 2~3 passes across the whole tray with the can 18~24" away. Try to spray fairly evenly.
Rotate cases roughly 1/2 turn. (I don't get real specific on this, about 50% is fine.
Repeat spray. The caes are not dripping wet its a double-sided light spray, not a heavy, one sided effect I'm looking for.
Cleaned dies (RCBS steel, not carbide) are wiped inside sizer only with a Q-Tip with a dab of spray on the cotton just to kick-start the lube.
Cases are picked up from tray & put neck up into loading blocks. First block goes on bottom of stack & others sit on top.
Primers are oriented & loaded into press's priming system (everything else is ready anyway at this point, but it gives a few minutes more for the lube to set up.)

Start reloading.
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