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I love my 300BLK, it has slowly become my favorite gun for general shooting. Mine has 9-1/4" barrell and collapseable stock, so its very compact with zero recoil. The 300BLK setup with the 9-1/4" barrell & suppressor has become a favorie of the FBI, Special ops & Swat guys. Not many guns have the magazine capacity(30 & 60 rounds) and knock down force for close quarters shooting as a 300BLK.
Tobnpr: For subsonic applications with a suppressor, (which most have no need for unless you're a mall ninja) they're used by guys hog hunting at night...
Mall Ninja, LOL! Sounds like you clearly dont use Suppressors very often, I have converted every gun I own(even bolt guns), over to suppressed. Once you start shooting suppressed, you will never want to go back to un-suppressed. Especially now that its LEGAL in Texas to hunt with a Suppressor, its a never leave home without one item. Suppressor+Subsonic Ammo=Happy Happy

If any of you have even the smallest desire to get one of these, I highly recomend you do so, this is a really fun gun to shoot. Will admit, I do a lot of Hog slaying with this gun, but have also shot a bunch of white tail as well.
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