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What's untrue about thise statements? The C series does not have the 3/8" 'elite' trigger pull of the P series. Unless they changed something this year. Also the chamber isn't finished to the same degree as the higher models. I actually looked at them the last gun show and verified for myself.
On the trigger, the "C" series certainly does have the 3/8" pull "Elite" trigger. This isn't something that changed this year, for over ten years now, the only pistol Kahr has made with the 1/2" pull is the K9 NYPD model. The triggers on the CM9, MK9, and standard PM9 are identical. Just in the last couple of months, Kahr has introduced a new "Enhanced" trigger with a 1/4" pull, but only on the PM9 with a manual safety. All of this has been verified multiple times by people on Kahrtalk who have asked Kahr directly.

For the chamber finish, ALL Kahr chambers and feed ramps are nickel plated and polished. What differences did you see exactly?
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