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Feel your pain, but I'm sure your grand daughter appreciates it...

I have a buddy that builds relics... I have one... found in a river by Northfield MN ( rumor is, may have been in a cache of guns stashed by "them famous outlaws" )

the gun is a Martini single shot... the wood was rotted away, along with several of the small parts, but my buddy was able to make everything that was missing, picked up some old wood, & installed a new 50 caliber barrel... it's a little loose, but plenty strong for the old 50-70 cartridge it's chambered in... would be really cool if it could be tied back to the James Gang... I'm not holding my breath though...

I really like shooting the old single shots, got 2 Martinis, a couple Remington Rolling Blocks, & Navy Arms reproduction Rolling Block, & a couple old Stevens... Crack Shot & Favorite... those, ( because of most having long barrels ) will go on a vertical roll around rack in the back room...
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