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Where in Idaho?

tahunua001.....Where in Idaho are you from?

My guns and I lived out of a small 1/2 garage (with everything else)for about 7 years before we moved to Idaho 8 years ago. So I know what you mean about just finding room for a couple of safes and a bench.

I have several project guns I am working, all three being 1890's. One was hanging on a nail on a guys wall by his house and was the barrel only with a 1/2 receiver attached. It is a 22WRF. It was full of mud and the guy found it in a wall of a house he was tearing down in north Idaho.

I traded him a roll of double foil bubble insulation and have rescued it. Soaked it in diesel for a couple of weeks and although the carrier is broken, it can become functional. The bore is not too bad, but will need a bit of work. Only problem is that it will have non matching serial numbers once functional, but I really don't care as I have several non matching trigger assemblies. Oh well, only 22 weeks left here until we get back home.
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