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when i first bought mine, i took it to the range and found myself to be a few inches off. since i had a bag full of other pistols and a group of friends waiting to try them out, i put it back in my bag. it sat in my safe for almost 6 months before i decided i was going to list it. i listed it on here for a couple of weeks with no serious offers (except constantine who is in a constant state of looking for his next pistol). on a whim, i put it in my range bag at the last minute for a trip up to my buddy's property. i found that i was still off, but i had some time to kill before our rifle competition, so i borrowed a screw driver, and dialed in the rear sights. man was i surprised. i could drive nails with that thing from 10yds. as soon as i got home that night, i closed my listing here and it's been at the top of my list since. recently i went head to head with a few shooters holding wilson combats and les baers. it might have been the shooter but i beat them all with my spartan v 9mm.
Favorite range gun for the money - CZ 75B or STI Spartan V 9mm
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