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I have a 2nd room under construction yet, so mine get dusty ( but that's just an excuse to give them a rub down )... love your cabinets... is there useable storage under ??? I have all mine sorted by caliber, with the ammo under the guns in the storage benches, under each gun... still have to finish ( interiour ) of the 2nd room, to get the 2nd 1/2 of my guns out of locker storage & onto the walls...

I load for over 70 different calibers with the Contenders ( yep, got to get all of them up yet ) having the wide variety of guns, I'm not good at remembering the models, etc... also a couple years ago, I started collecting early cartridge pocket guns... ( yes, I had a Baby Kolb, but it did not function, & my local builder buddy wasn't interested in working on something so small, so I parted with that one... I find the early pocket guns quite interesting )

a couple more pics ( remember... still under construction )

the back room a couple weeks ago...

a couple double action revolvers ( modern )

my front room loading bench ( something about a flat surface in a construction area )

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