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You have more handguns than I do and a nice collection of bolts! My HGs are a smattering of 44 mags, mostly Rugers and a few old colts. I do have a small show case with Kolb Baby Hammerless which are cute little 22's (smallest revolvers made). You have a nice looking collection and your collection area looks good.

It is a joy to collect something and guns are one of the best. to collect in my opinion. I had hunting rifles for years and started my Winchester collection by buying an 1886 in 33 caliber. That lead me to a few more older Winchesters and getting my C&R FFL. I then ran into a gun dealer from Australia and started importing back to the US many old Winchesters in the late 80s and
90s when the aussie government started confiscating arms and destroying them. My source dried up when the Aussie Government raided my sources' business and destroyed several million dollars of his inventory (including old Winchesters and left him penniless (a long story).

Anyway, I really love my 1892's out of all that I have and am including a few more photos with this post. I did the design on my cabinets myself, based on trips to Cabellas although I had them professionally made.
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