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There is no need to call the guy paranoid.

If I'm going on road trip and my destination allow me to have my guns, I'll usually take more than one. In fact, on a recent trip to Floyd County (The Capital of Bluegrass) I took with me the following guns...

- My EDC
- A larger revolver/caliber for the woods
- A mid sized semi auto for the car
- My usual night stand gun.

Of course I had to have the EDC but I hate holstering and unholstering every time I had to get out of the car. With the car gun, I could just leave it in the center console and leave the EDC on me. Floyd County is known for its bear so I figured I'd bring my trusty Ruger SA. Lastly, since I was bringing all the others, I figured I'd bring my night stand gun and really make it feel like home.

The above is not the norm for me but it illustrates how one can get a little excited when packing guns. FWIW, I did not pack any with the intention of arming my wife or any other person.
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