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The LGS sold all of their ARs by the 23rd. This was more than 500. He had to hire extra staff to keep up. He had also sold out of SKSs and was running out of AKs No ammo in common calibers.

The Big Gun Store in the City has sold more than 2000 AR's. He got ready before the election. I went by there on the 21st and they were breaking every fire code in the county with the number of people in the store. As I could not physically fit in the store I could not see how many AR's he had left. I did notice that the several 5' high pallets of ammo he had piled in the store before the election were greatly sold down. I noticed the owner sitting peacefully by the door checking receipts for people leaving as people crowded around the sales desk. There were 300+ people in the store in the middle of the work day on the 21st.

The LGS guy said it was the perfect storm of election, Christmas, shooting and tearful presidential addresses. Strangely he did not even look happy even though he was making a dump truck full of cash. It was almost like a crazed going out of business sale where everything had been marked up a little. He said AR's that he carries were now back ordered for 18 months (PSA, DPMS, Bushmaster) but he would get them in occasionally.

All of the Walmarts in North West Alabama that carry ARs are totally sold out and probably won't see any for a while.
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