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Went to the local Wal-Mart for groceries and wandered thru Sporting Goods while there. Ammo was pretty much gone, but was able to get some 158gr 357 Mag ammo. Was surprised to see that they had a S&W MP-15-22 and a Sig 522 rifle on display. The S&W was priced at $427 and the Sig at $499. Wandered over to the Academy for grins and they were attempting to re-stock ammo. Shoppers were in a feeding frenzy and was grabbing it out of the stock cart before store employees could get it on the shelf. I was surprised to see that they had 10 boxes of 38 Super and 10 boxes of 10mm Auto on the shelf. Prices were about $4.00 a box higher than usual prices I have seen. 50 round boxes of CCI Stinger 22 LR ammo seem to be about $2.00 a box higher at $5.99 a box.
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