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We didn't reload shells any differently when we had fixed choke guns ...vs today with changeable chokes...
Personally, I shoot a modified choke from 16 -22 yd line, Imp Mod 22 - 25 yd line, and Full at 26 - 27 yd lines...and the only shell I shoot is 1 oz of 8's at 1225 fps in a 12ga.
Depends on what load you're shooting now ...if its 1 oz of 8's might get a little tighter pattern if you go to 1 1/8 oz of 7 1/2's ....but in general one of your better patterning loads are 1 oz loads. More velocity isn't necessarily the answer...because sometimes more velocity will cause more shot to collide and give you more "flyers" outside the pattern.

But about all you can do is go to the pattern board...draw some 30" circles around your point of impact....and shoot 3 or 4 of each shell that you're considering using ...and see what you get for that gun - for that barrel.

I thought all the BT-99's had changeable screw in chokes ..?? / I have the older model single barrel, the BT-100, and even it has Invector Plus screw in chokes in it...
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