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Lever Actions...Just wanting to share......

Hello All,
I am lonely for my gun collection and needed to share my misery! In August of this year, my wife and I had to temporarily move to Calif (nasty gun state/my former home state) to get our 17 year old G-Daughter through her senior year of HS as her sperm donor,er..biological father abandon her. Long story in its self.
Anyway, I had just finished my gun room in our retirement home after 8 years of building, the gun room being the final room in a very large home (too many honey do's and promises). The room and the home is equipted with a full security system including cameras which I can access on line at anytime including the outside of my home. Then we had to leave for Calif. and I am now lonely for my guns and gun projects.
Everyday, I log on to my security system and admire all that I am missing......Darn, at 70 years old this is torture!!

If you need to chat about old Winchesters, lets do it as I sit here most of the day reading on line as much as possible about Winchesters. Most of my collection is composed of 92's, 90's, 06's, and a smattering of others. I am attaching a few pics of my gun room, so lets chat a bit.
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