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I have never owned a Hornet, but I killed MANY coyotes with a 22 Magnum Rim Fire and did it several times out to about 200 yards and maybe a little past. I never lost one, and I never had one run more than about 20 yards after I him it.
So the idea that the Hornet is not enough is just not true. It beats the 22 WMR in every way.

However, Hornets do have short brass life (I never owned one, but as a gunsmith I have worked on many of them) If I were to look at buying a new rifle for the purpose of varminting and I were to be interested only in a bolt action, I’d lean toward a CZ 527 in 221 Fireball, 222 Remington or 223 over the Hornet. They make that rifle in the Hornet, but it would be my last choice of caliber offered because of the short brass life.
The fireball is a real good performer in a rifle and it’s soft spoken compared to the 222 and 223. It is a bit louder than the hornet, but not all that much.

Anyway,,,,,,, that’s my 2 cents worth
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