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Unclenick I use this sealer because of the reason you mentioned about a nickles worth of sealant not making the trip of a lifetime a flame out.
The Markron sealer dries quickly enough and is not supposed to penetrate, however if one were to take it upon theirselves and test this theory, they would have to keep it wet long enough to actually get it to penetrate. My thinking is the chemical that would have to be used for that purpose would be some kind of acetone or worse some laquer thinner.
In all probability in my hunting scenario I will never have to cross an acetone or laquer thinner river or marsh to get that one shot at that 400 inch class bull.
And so as I posted earlier It may not be necessary, however it's one more way to get to handle my loads and also inspect them. ( I called it fondling my babies)
I do agree about the desiccant, I don't store enough live ammunition at any one time where I feel it's necessary to go through that kind of trouble.

Plus I only gave 6 or 8 bucks for that little bottle and it hardly looks used. (maybe 150 rnds finished)
Thanks for coming!
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