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I know that it is a 38 Special, and I know that it's also +P rated, but I am at a loss as to why S&W won't roll mark all 38 Special revolvers the same? Sticking with S&W 38 Special +P on all their revolvers that are chambered only for 38 would make life so much easier for the many who question such things. I understand that all new production 38's are all +P rated, but not all revolvers will display the +P rating, necessitating the uninitiated to have to ask, is my new S&W +P rated. Not too long ago, while at a gun show, a customer at a booth inquired about why the new 360J was not +P rated, and the brain surgeon at the booth stated unquivocally that if it didn't have the +P rating "stamped" on the gun, it's not +P rated.
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