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One thing I think most people forget is that the men who wrote 2A were the ones that rebelled against a tyrannical government, the government of England. That was not a foreign government. The colonies were a part of England. The colonists were not fighting criminals, Indians, of natural threats as much as their own oppressive government. This is why 2A says the government cannot infringe our right to keep and bear arms. 2A is to keep the government in line. Why should government agents (police and military) be allowed arms that the people they are supposed to work for are denied. I don't want private missiles, grenades, tanks, etc., but why should I be limited to ten rounds when one of the biggest threats to freedom is allowed high capacity mags, full auto weapons, grenades, armored vehicles, etc.

I am not knocking police or military. They are instruments of the civilian government, which is the biggest threat to freedom. I am not an anarchist either. It is just that I remember history lessons and watch the world news.
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