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Obviously, 1911's are not for everyone. The 1911 is what it is - and if you can't accept that it needs ongoing personal attention - don't buy one. Get a polymer pistol - it's that simple.
Exactly! The greatest frustrations I had with 1911's were before I had learned enough about them. After trial and error, a lot of study, I have no qualms about buying one and maintaining it. But, pity the poor guy who just wants to shoot it without knowing anything about it or does not have the knowledge and mechanical skills to remedy the various problems that can occur with that design. Such guys would be much better off with a revolver. But, then there will be the those who's experience has been lucky in that they have one of those 1911's that they will claim that they have shot for "thousands" of rounds and it has always functioned flawlessly. If those guys had the experiences with the Factory new, Colt 1911's I have had, they would have sworn off 1911's.
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