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Savage 12 Benchrest vs. Savage 12 VLP DBM

After spending some time at the range developing loads for my hunting rifles, I have decided to save up for a long range target rifle. I had my heart set on a Savage 12 Benchrest, and some good optics of course. I will be making 100 yd and 200 yd shots all day long. I will frequent the 600 yd range. I have hopes and dreams of taking it out to 1000 yds when my shooting and loading skills will allow.

Now the time has come to pry the cold hard cash from my fingers and I am starting to have second thoughts on my choice. The Savage 12 VLP looks like a nice long range gun as well. I know there is some obvious differences between the two: longer barrel, twist rate, heavier gun, dual port receiver and single shot vs magazine.

What I am missing?
Is the Benchrest really worth 50% more?

I am looking for input. Please help!

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