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I have a 9mm XDM that is slugging at .357. I was wondering what I should be using for a jacketed bullet diameter or the range of diameters that I could use before having trouble.

Push a well oiled soft lead bullet or soft sinker thru the barrel and measure.
I usually just tap it about an inch into the throat end, then tap it back out.
I'm confused. Do you run the slug thru or just partially and back it out. Or do you do both and measure? I ran my slug all the way through then measured.

I also have a .45 ACP 1911 that slugs right at .450. I've had trouble seating the ammunition to the recommended COAL and have it chamber. I was using .451 185gr XTP bullets and they seem to hit the lands and stick (so it's a plunk fail). I set the bullet back further and tried them with a low charge and it seemed to work fine. I'm wondering if I end up getting a heavier grain bullet that is longer how am I going to seat it without seating to far in and having higher pressures.
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