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1873 lever gun and hot loads?

I have a friend that is getting out of cowboy action shooting... getting old and has no one to pass his guns on to. He offered me a sweet deal on an Uberti 1873 lever action in 357 magnum (one of my favorite rounds).

They gun is extremely pretty. I like it lots.

Any way the only real use I would have for it is may be taking some white tale and possibly some smaller Oregon pigs (they are very small compared to the southern versions) I also have family in Indiana where hunting is hand gun caliber only so I may try that some day.

Can the 1873 handle hotter (still in SAAMI spec) such as buffalo bore and hotter (still at or under max) reloads in 357 magnum?

It is a great looking gun but I dont need another safe queen. the wife is already saying I have too many guns and I may need to justify it to her... the Indiana thing would probibly work
Always looking for a good hunt!
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