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BTW .... If you do think a turret press would fit you needs, here is an idea of the cost for the Lee 4-Hole Classic Turret press I mentioned above:

This came from a post I made in a different thread.

If you don't load lots of rounds, a good "turret press" may be your best option and is certainly cheaper than a progressive press.

I have found that the Lee 4-Hole Classic Turret Press to be one of the best in this catagory of presses. This press also "auto-indexes", so it advances each die to the round with each stroke of the handle. (saves time and trouble)

This will give you an idea as to what you will need to buy and the approximate cost:

Be advised that you will also need a scale (digital or beam style) and a digital micrometer.

Lee 4-Hole Classic Turret Press
(Auto indexing)
SKU: 90064
$ 103

Lee Carbide 4-Die Set
(Includes: Sizing / Decapping Die, Powder Through Expanding Die, Bullet Seating Die, Factory Crimp Die)
SKU: 90968
$ 43

Lee Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure
SKU: 90429
$ 39

Lee Auto-Disk Riser
(Required for use with the Auto-Disk Powder Measure)
SKU: 90041
$ 9

Lee Safety Primer Feeder
SKU: 90997
$ 23

All prices are approximate

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