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I personally would not recommend a single stage press just do to the fact that a single turret press will really take alot of time to load cartidges, and it won't be long before you want something faster.

So, that leaves you with basically 2 other options: A multi-turret press like the Lee 4-Hole Classic Turret press or a progressive press like the Hornady L-N-L or one of the various Dillon progressive presses (both Hornady and Dillon are very good progressive presses).

If your going to be loading a smaller amount of cartridges in maybe the 500 or less per month range, I would personally save your money on the more expensive progressive presses and buy a Lee 4-Hole Classic Turret press. This press is well made and is automatic indexing.

If your reloading lots of cartridges every month, you might be better off buying either the Dillon or the Hornady L-N-L progressive press.

That's about all I can tell you.



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