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I don't know enough about the cartridge itself to speak of but have friends that have them and really like em, one of the guys I'm talking about had what was called a .35 brown whelen, he and I would get together and shoot quite often years ago, I can remember a summer we shot a lot together and he would bring something new about everytime we went out, this one day in particular he had the .35 brown whelen with him and I remember it being a really nice rifle (don't remember what it even was now?) Anyway it was getting fairly hot that day and kinda sultry, made you sweat for no reason, he handed me the whelen and wanted to see what kind of group I could shoot with it at 100 yrds, I remember when I shouldered the rifle and put my cheek to the high gloss stock my face kinda stuck to it from light perspiration, when I touched that thing off it about ripped my cheek off!! The shot was about a half inch high and directly above the bull, my friend called the shot and said now just follow that one with the other 2, I looked around at him, smiled and told him that 1 was good for me for that day anyway! . I had another round with it on a better day later down the road and that rifle really shot good! I made a little clover leaf group with it. I'm almost sure the particular rifle I'm talking about was one he had custom built, he was a big fan of ackley improves and such. He passed away a few years ago, I have no idea what happened to all his stuff? He had so many odd ball wildcat cartridges that it would have taken a real gun nut to decipher all of it, he had at least 3 big safes completely full and very few were stock factory chamberings
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