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What you will find with asking such a broad brush question is this:
1. You will get "haters" for Brand [insert name here]
2. You will get the "kool-aid" drinkers who swear that you MUST buy [insert brand here]-although usually it involves a Blue color. Don't attack as I own lots of Blue stuff-other colors too.
3. You usually get what you pay for, so, determine if you will be in this for the long haul or are you dabbling. Personally I have reloaded for just on 50 years and still learning and usually buy the best I can afford, however, I do have Harbor Freight stuff if it is not a precision sensitive task or will get little use since I don't trust the longevity of HF stuff.
4. Buy used if possible-it is just about impossible to wear out presses and dies.
Many get into reloading and then it fizzles out so you can oftentimes find good deals.
5. Refer to #3B-how involved are you likely to get? You can spend tens of thousands on reloading toys and supplies or get by with a Lee started set.
Are you shooting 1000 yard comp? If so, you need good to excellent tools to compete, however, if you were into LR target shooting you probably would not be posting such a question here.
EVERYTHING you decide on should be determined by your needs and ability to spend. Period.

Good luck and good shooting.

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