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Thanks for this post, it has given me some ideas for a vehicle mount.

When I recently took my permit class, the instructor gave us some tips for dealing with officers while having a firearm in the vehicle. He advised us to keep both hands on the wheel and advise the officer right away that you have a firearm and where it is located. He also said that if you get pulled over at night, cut the inside dome light on and keep both hands on the wheel. He said that it puts the officer more at ease being able to see what's going on the vehicle at night. Never reach over to the glove compartment before the officer asks you to or before he approaches your car....says it looks like you're going for a weapon. All of this seems kind of common sense stuff but you never know.

In Mississippi you do not have to have a permit to keep a gun in your vehicle so I imagine they have many stops where they see pistols. Sorry for getting off topic on your post....
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