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My club has both trap and skeet ranges but I'm going to stick with trap for now. Not really for money - just for fun. I've always been a rifle guy who shot some pistol but I do have an 870 Express for occasional hunting. I'm just looking to step up from the 870 to some "finer" shotgun equipment for trap or hunting.

Expanding the collection and adding good equipment for a start in the shotgun direction. So not high-dollar and not bargain-basement.

So far, sounds to me like I'm looking at a 12ga O/U to fit this bill. Then add a 20ga down the road. I'm tempted by Ruger.

Can anyone suggest a good barrel length? 28 seems to be the general idea. 26 being too short. 30-34 is getting a little long for my taste.

Thanks for all of the feedback!
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