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I'm with you, Willie, . . . and have developed a "pre-flight checklist" for my head that does all that up front.

I pull my jacket up as I am sitting down, . . . un-zip or un-button the front of it, . . . and make sure my weapon is not hampered by the seat belt.

It is fairly easy in my Jeep Liberty, . . . is much harder in my wife's little Mercury Mistique, . . . but it can be done.

I've also developed the mind set that if there is a perp at the window, . . . or something like that, . . . I make a motion very similar to getting a wallet out of my right rear pocket. Perp won't know my wallet is on the left and my 1911 on the right.

I really don't think there would be many cases where it would be prudent to go for the weapon instead of driving, . . . but I try to be ready for it just in case.

As an aside note: I also live in Ohio, . . . got pulled over one night for speeding a bit, . . . had to get my insurance card from the glove compartment of my wife's car, . . . you should have seen the eyes on that trooper when I dropped the door, . . . there lays a fully loaded, full size 1911, cocked and locked. I had already told him my carry piece was in there, . . . I think he was looking for a 9mm pea shooter or something, . . . 1911 C&L got his attention,........

He gave me a warning,...........

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