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Pressure question

Forgive me if this is a stupid question but here goes! Is there a good way to check chamber pressure? I have an old K98 8mm Mauser made in 1918 that I would like to work up some loads for. I had it checked out by a gunsmith that knows Mausers like the back of his hand. He told me that although those actions were tested to 75,000lbs pressure, he recommended I keep it somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-55,000. That still enables me to work up some pretty good loads.(much better than the American made factory ammo!) Anyway, how do I know how much pressure my loads are generating? Sorry if this is an amateur question but I still am one! Along with that question, what kind of velocity can I expect to get with a 200 Grn bullet at a 50,000 lb pressure level? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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