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While I'm a big 1911 fan, and have a few, I would pick a CZ over a RIA any day of the week. Save your money and get a higher quality 1911 like a Colt.
While you may be right, I used to hate hearing (reading) that when I asked for something I need/want as soon as possible in my budget and someone told me that.

OP wants one of the two aforementioned. I don't know much about CZ because I don't have first hand experience with them. I do with RIA. They were solid and not bad at all for that price range.

Now? I'd totally take that advice of saving up for something better. I've cleared out house in my safe and left the ones that I shoot the most and carry the most. Not being a gun brat but I kept better quality to MY standards.

So, finally...OP..

My opinion is up in the air from personal experience as my RIA 1911 was .45

Best bet is to feel them out for yourself. I have to hold my guns for a good 15 minutes and work the functions on them before I make a move.
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