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Great looking 220, looks close in age to mine. Does it have the date codes and proof marks.
It doesn't have the proof marks. I want to call about the serial number soon.

thinking of ccw for my German p220 which i shoot as well as my ppq. i'd be giving up ammo count? what ya think?
That's funny. I'm going shooting today. In about an hour actually. With one of my greatest friends. I gave him the PPQ a few weeks back and he's going with me. Today I'll be shooting my P220.

Isn't that a coincidence? lol

Well "giving up" ammo count solely depends on you. How well do you shoot the P220?

I love my 220 Carry. 2000 plus rounds without any problems. The only ammo mine doesn't like is the inexpensive federal 230 g FMJ. Once in a while it wont fully chamber that ammo on the first try, but that's it.
Nice! So it isn't 2,000 rounds per-say : ( at least to me it wouldn't be. If it's finicky with federal fmj's that'd sadden me. I like my guns, especially my carry guns to function with any load I can find for it, when I can find it.

Then again, you did say once in a while it does that. So I can live with clearing a jam here and there. Although I'd prefer a wizards gun where it doesn't know how to malfunction. lol

WELL....I'm going to the range today.

Unfortunately I only have one magazine and 200 rounds. I relatively burn rounds rather quickly when I shoot, so this should slow me down tremendously. And it's a promag -_________- hope it works and doesn't send me home. Not going to take one of the 1911's with me because seeing as this is my carry gun I want to shoot all the ammo I just bought for it, through it. You know .45 ain't cheap.

Gotta start reloading.

Magazines are out of stock everywhere online. Gotta check locally.

Range report soon enough!
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