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The ugliest, cheapest, malformed .22 pistol I've owned has won me over, the Beretta Neos. A high end Target Purist may be disappointed with the Neos but I couldn't ask more for my uses. I've owned Colts (several), Smiths & Wesson (43,22A,422), Ruger MK (1,2,3 several of each), Browning Buckmarks, H&R, High Standard and more that don't come to mind at the moment. All were good pistols. However, nothing I've owned has run as well as this cheap ugly Neos. I'm up to over 1500 rounds of the Federal Auto Match and have only 1 malfunction. That was from a dud cartridge that was "struck well" multiple times and still failed to fire.

Lousy trigger from the factory (Beretta improved mine on sending it back as unacceptable). Not up to top line Target .22 pistols but accurate enough to do any reasonable thing with. Reasonably good sights and ergos. The best mags I've found. I must say though the ugly thing, like the Energizer Bunny, runs - and runs - and runs....... I think it's a best buy for the $$$$. I've not owned that many Beretta pistols and shot them hardly at all. However, I will try some in the future. If they make a cheap .22 pistol this good they probably make other calibers that are "good" also.
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