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The Ruger is rugged and tough and the S&W is a POS.
One extremely accurate POS - but - a POS.
(I have two Mark II .22/45's and a Mark II "slabside" also.)

I have the 22/s, which is the stainless version of the 22/a.
My setup is similar to OkieCruffler's w/the red dot and scope on those barrels.
I also have a 5.5" Bull barrel w/open sights.

The S&W will outshoot anything in .22 in my safe from a rest - including the rifles.

On the plus side, the S&W has a lifetime warranty should any of the cheesy parts break.
The irony is that my "rugged Ruger Mark II "slabside" is the gun that's got three broken parts & the POS S&W only has a chewed up plastic buffer.....go figure....
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