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I can only think of Winchester, Remington, or Federal factory match .45. Either the 185 JSWC or 200 gr. lead.
Both are among the most expensive varieties in that caliber though.

Saw in another post you are looking at knocking out a few reloads with a hand set from Lee.
That gear would be an ideal application to making your own .45s.
3.5 - 3.7 grs. of Bullseye with the 200gr. LSWC is a pleasant and usually accurate revolver load that handles like a great big .22.

Exactly my train of thought. I also have a triple lock converted to .45 ACP on the way so it could feed that pup as well. When I first got mine I fired some standard generic UMC ball and it was dead on and very accurate and no problems. Nevertheless, I don't want to risk damage on the grand ole gal.
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