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Start with some mild 44Mag or some 44Spl loads if you can find 'em. Work out how you're going to grip it. Decide whether you're an "off hand cocker" or a "strong side thumber". Then work your way up the power spectrum.
More good advice. I have some 300gr federal that I like out of my marlin but now that I am thinking more those will be a whole new beast in a handgun. Those were pushing 1650 FPS out of my rifle when I borrowed a crono at the range. Ill go look for some lighter loaded 44 mag or specials if i can find them at least until I figure the grip out.

Another thing I learned today about this revolver is that the former owner didn't like to clean it very well. But after letting it soak for a while and some time with a nylon brush and a bore snake this thing looks and feels like new. Can't wait to sling some lead this weekend.
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