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I am actually starting to see signs of the panic market dieing down already. my LGS had a mini14 today when I walked in. still no ARs, no high cap magazines, and no scary ammo cartridges in bulk but the sight of a pseudo back rifle really kicked my spirits up a little bit. some of the pawn shops even have a few EBRs but they are asking NIB MSRP or more for most of them but that in itse;f suggests that since they are still on the shelves that people are not nearly as desperate as they were a week ago. this warms my heart, I bought an SKS a during all the hubbub just because it was at a reasonable price and hey...what the heck it's a new gun. they gave me one of the last boxes of ammo they had for it on the house even, today they have more of it in but no more than a case on the shelf at a time, and at normal prices. the fact that people are not clearing the shelves at first sight is a good sign as well.
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