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I understand the desire to "stick it" to the anti's by buying an AR/AK/SKS type, but I think you might be a little too late on that. Almost everywhere seems to be virtually sold out of semi-auto center-fire rifles, and .223 and 7.62x39 ammo has also dwindled in the past couple weeks to almost nil readily available.

I should know. I just got a Yugo SKS on trade about two weeks ago and wish I had bought more ammo when I had the chance. I bought 40 rounds of Tula to function check the rifle a couple days after I bought it. Just a week later after having gone through all 40 rounds, the local Sportsman's warehouse went from having two entire bookcase size shelves completely full of 7.62x39 ammo to NONE. There wasn't any .223 either, and it doesn't look like the panic buying is stopping in the immediate future. It will take at least a few months (and probably longer) for supplies of these rifles and ammo to reach their normal levels again (assuming no new legislation that directly affects this).

IMHO, if you want a good rifle now, look into those 30-30 lever actions (Winchester or Marlin). The rifles shouldn't be too hard to find and more importantly the ammo should still be readily available during the next couple months of insanity. Then you could save up for a good semi-auto once things settle down (if they ever do).
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