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Originally Posted by buckhorn_cortez View Post
To put it kindly - your friend is mistaken. Why don't you take time to read this article in Defensive Review - and then make up your own mind?

The article is about a Bob Marvel 1911 pistol being used under combat conditions. My Bob Marvel pistol came with two 10-shot targets tested at 50 yards from a Ransom Rest. The largest group is just under 1.4 inches.
I'm glad I asked then. I always like to get a second opinion and verify what I hear.

Originally Posted by Auto426 View Post
The price of the CZ and the RIA pistols have a lot to do with where they are made. Both are made in countries where labor is extremely cheap, unlike some other guns like Sigs or HK's which are made in countries with labor rates comparable to the U.S.
That makes sense regarding the labor rate. It also explains why some Philippino and Turkish made 1911s are so inexpensive. I wish I could afford a 1911 that would support our economy, but my only options in an American made 1911 are used.

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