Thread: 1911 vs CZ-75?
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Big fan of both guns but if I had to pick (and I did) go with the 75b. The 75 was made as a 9, the 1911 platform can be temperamental in 9. CZ makes big sticks for the 75 at 26rds. I don't know of anything on the 75 that isn't a drop in fit if you need to make a fix. The only weak spot I know of on the 75 is the slide stop, keep one on hand and replace the recoil spring every 5k/rds and even that becomes a rumor. I'm to around 45k/rds down range with no complaints. Plus CZ does make a 22 kit if you don't mind a 2 minute swap. 75 is a strong gun, you won't be sorry if you go that way.
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