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I like CZs and I like 1911s.

Rather than buy a second 1911, I'd get a 9mm slide. (Having it fitted probably wouldn't be critical, if it fits the frame, as slide/frame fit isn't as important as barrel to slide fit.) Switching from one caliber to the other is very easy and fast. That saves you about half the $'s needed to get a second gun, later.

If you haven't tried a CZ, do so before you decide.

Unless you get a dedicated SAO model, it's a DA/SA that can be carried cocked and locked, and can use 16 or 17 round mags. The decocker models start from the half-cock notch, which shortens the DA trigger a bit.

Be warned: CZ triggers (if the gun is bought new) are often disappointing at first, but clean up in a few hundred rounds. (I'd just get a trigger job, up front.)

The similar Witness Match line is an option, too, and the triggers are often quite good, out of the box. Witness Customer service is less well-regarded than CZ customer service, but you're unlikely to need their help for either gun.

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