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After doing some searches, it seems that I may have been in error about the exact nature of the recoil spring plug failure. However, it seems that it is the bushing that fails, allowing the plug and spring to go down range.
So yes, I would care to post a link:
You have to understand the 1911 design. It is certainly more maintenance intensive - so, when you clean the pistol you look everything over and check things as they are put back together. In usage, (and I'm suprised the author of the article you linked missed it) - one of the parts that can fail is the firing pin stop.

If you read Bill Wilson's book on the 1911, he lists the parts that break most often in the order that his experience shows them as failing. If you take the pistol seriously, you put together a small parts kit that includes a fitted extractor - and you don't worry about it - you replace the parts as needed.

As far as the plunger tube, if they're not staked correctly, they can come loose. Plunger tubes that are staked correctly should be good for the life of the pistol. A failed plunger tube is not a fault in the design, but a fault in assembly.

If you understand the 1911, look after it, lube it properly it is as reliable as any other pistol and has the benefit of having the best trigger on any pistol, points naturally, and is easy to control for follow up shots. Every 1911 I have has its own "personality" and each is an old friend that I understand and treat as needed to keep it reliably running every time I use it.

Obviously, 1911's are not for everyone. The 1911 is what it is - and if you can't accept that it needs ongoing personal attention - don't buy one. Get a polymer pistol - it's that simple.
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