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Originally Posted by OP
My concern is about the accuracy of these rifles. I've heard the 94 has never been a long range rifle. Same with the SKS. I've heard the SU16 is very accurate and no nothing of the Mini 14 or mini 30.
Winchesters Model 94s are a special rifle. Lots of folks, including myself, like them, but accuracy is a hit or miss proposition, especially with the older guns, not because they're poorly made, but because some folks abused them in the past either through carelessness or callousness. I've seen Win94s with oval muzzles, simply because folks cleaned them improperly and wore the rifling out of the muzzle with steel rods. I've also seen Win94s that were left to sit in closets and the bore was full of dirt-dauber nests. That ain't good for the rifling.

I currently have two Win94s. One is an extremely accurate cast-bullet rifle, the other is a so-so rifle that doesn't shoot anything especially well. They're both post-64 examples. With a Winchester 94, the devil is in the details.
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