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from my end I say right now go with what you can get and get all the spare parts you can for it.
good advice MRL

I took that advice to heart and picked up a JP Enterprise full mass BCG today (for a price that I would never admit to my wife). This kid darn well better appreciate this gun one day At least he wont need to worry about a spare BCG for a while...

So for the record thats a stripped lower, a Noveske Vltor MUR (FA/dustcover assembled) and a JP BCG. The budget is blown, but other than mags I am hoping that this will cover the parts that are really hard to find and/or will become impossible to get after the ban.

edit- looks like JP was BSing me when they took the order- no inventory. I guess I expected that, no one has BCGs in stock. I am wondering now if I should cancel the order, or let them fill it at that price? (they claim they will have them in stock shortly)

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