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For pure utility the Winchester 94 would be my pick (although truth be told I'd buy a pre Remington Marlin 336 and put the money I saved into ammo). From an accuracy standpoint the Mini is probably going to be the most accurate of all of the rifles you listed. You should be aware that the Yugo SKS does not have a chrome lined bore, not a huge issue but it does tend to turn people away from the Yugo. I own a Mini-14 and a Yugo SKS and they are both pretty good shooters, my Yugo will shoot 3-4" @ 100 yds with factory iron sights and the Mini will shoot 1.5" @ 100 with handloads (I need to tweak that load a bit to get it down to 1") and a low power variable scope. I also own a Marlin 336 in .35 Rem and while not a .30 WCF it still shoots pretty well, 2-3" @ 100yds with a receiver peep sight. The .30 WCF would be a better choice than the .35 since ammo is available any where and is usually about $10 less per box but I really wanted a .35.

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