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You know it is crazy, I really started getting into precision shooting with a 308, bolt rifle scope and bipod. Then I got into High Power with an AR service rifle (currently getting a Krieger barrel installed). Then I got into rimfire, and boy is it hard to clean a 50 foot smallbore target. Now I'm practicing air rifle in the basement, trying to clean the 10 pinhead on an ISSF target.

My training has gone from "long range" prone to short range standing unsupported. What I have learned along the way.

On a calm day, with good ammo, and known scope adjustments (or even a good ballistic table), just about anyone can seem like a top shot with a bolt gun off of a bipod against "tactical" targets like an iron maiden. On a windy day that all changes.

On a calm day, with a service rifle or iron sighted match rifle, just about anyone can shoot a tight group at 300 or 600 from the prone slung position. Matches are won on your belly and lost on your feet. The wind screws up a lot of shooters, and standing screws up a lot of shooters. A .22 bullet hole is tiny inside of a 6" circle at 300.

In my basement, I have no wind, conditions are very stable, but the 10 pinhead is smaller than my .177 caliber pellet. An Olympic level shooter can put 60 shots through the pinhead on the same target and only enlarge that pinhead a little bit. I can't do 5 tens in a row, yet.

So making me a better shooter right now is mastering positions, hold, and timing. All the fundamentals that everyone says you should practice. I haven't figured out a good way to train on the wind at home, so I'll just try as best I can at real matches.

Anybody know of a good way to train on wind calls at home?

Machine guns are awesome until you have to carry one.
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