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Thought of another hidey-hole, one easy to get to but difficult to spot unless you know its there.

There are a number of models of lift out after market consoles, had one in my Ford Pick up, Chevy Biscayne, and Nomad.
I chose very sturdy types with flanges that party covered the sides of the transmission tunnel.
These aren't normally secured but can be held down tight with screws.

I'm thinking that a console anchored at the front by screws, and held down at the rear by heavy duty snaps could be quickly wrenched up and forwards uncovering whatever might be stashed under it.
If the configuration of the console doesn't provide enough space under it, and some do, a cubby hole can be cut in the tunnel itself and lined with a welded in steel box large enough for a handgun.

A large deep console glove box can be fitted with a lift out false bottom of thin plywood covered with material matching that inside the console.
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